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  • Elis Holm  Ur Sydsvenskan 23 maj 2020
    Inlagd 28 maj 2020 04:40 av Sv. Förening Radioekologi
  • Webinar In Memory of Elis Holm Former Chairman Professor Elis Holm has passed away. Holm's career in radioecology was long and his contribution in the field cannot be overstated.To honour the memory our former chairman Professor Elis Holm, SFREK organised a webinar on 9 June 2020. We invited former colleagues to talk about the research they conducted together with Elis. We were told fascinating stories about anthropogenic radionuclides in the arctic ocean, a crashed satellite in Madagascar and much more.The webinar was recorded. The following links will take you to the unlisted clips on YoutubeMats Eriksson: Soon available
    Inlagd 24 juni 2020 02:39 av Sv. Förening Radioekologi
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